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What if... there was no prophecy? There was no hope of relief from the tyranny of the Dark Lord besides that which the wizards could grant themselves. What if the death toll climbed and the morale was low? What if the only shred of hope that you had to hang onto for dear life was the famed Order of the Phoenix? We all know what happened back then during the First Wizarding War... but what if it didn't exactly go that way?

Join us as we explore the possibilities, the what ifs, a completely different world than the one we've read about and held so dearly. Join us as we make our own story.

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It is currently June 1979. The summer is starting to heat up, but so are the tensions as the war continues to rage on around everyone. The Muggles live in sweet, blissful ignorance, for the most part (though who can ignore the weird occurances?), but the Wizarding World is in turmoil and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight...

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We had a really good start but the interest just hasn't kept. Perhaps it was merely the summer, who knows! Good luck out there, keep writing! - The Admins
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